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About Us

       Shenzhen Jihongda Power Co.,Ltd -- established in June 2006,is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design,development and production of power supply products.We are located in Baoan district,Shenzhen city,with convenient transportion access.We have over 280 employees,office and workshop area of 3500 m2,All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Products have passed CB UL FCC  PSE CE GS-TUV CCC SAA  S-MARK  E-MARK DOE and other global multi-national security and relevant certification,comply with ERP CEC DOE and other energy efficiency standards and relevant certificates.Adopt all lead free (ROHS REACH) standard process.

Our four characteristics

  • 00、Innovative dynamics

    We add advanced technology and equipment in production, we have complete R&D team, in continuous practice and innovation for you to create more suitable products.

  • 01、Active security

    We have advanced production line and perfect management system, manufacturing according to the purpose of good safety, bonus points for each product.

  • 02、Environmental protection

    It's all known to us that the importance of environment protection,our goal is not just market sales or corporate reputation, but the future of the planet.

  • 03、Passive security

    In addition to the production, we let you use our product with more peace of mind, with high-quality products and intimate services to obtain your cooperation and support.

Service Hotline


4th and 5th Floors,22nd Building,No.6 Xingye First Road,Fenghuang Community,Fuyong Town,Bao'an District ,Shenzhen518103 China.

eMail: kevin@jhdpower.com


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